Through the power of animation IM 13 13 aim to challenge and overcome negative stereotypes, whilst breaking barriers to help educate the world on the Sikh faith. As a team of creatives, we want to utilise the unique ability of animation to engage with people of all ages, including children, to help share our faith and stories in a way that is magical, educational and inspiring to all.


Ben Barter is an experienced professional illustrator and the founder of Ben Barter Illustration.

His skillsets include traditional and digital illustration, animation, children’s picture book art, character design, storyboard art and art direction. Ben’s strengths within his craft comprise on creating effective layouts and staging that engage the viewer. He specialises in bringing character designs to life and is passionate about the wonderful use of colour and design that tell a story within his work.

Ben has worked some on great projects with well know clients such as: Disney, NHS, SEGA, HarperCollins and Macmillan Publishers.

“It’s been extremely rewarding working with the IM1313 team. The goals they set to achieve with every project and production is really inspiring to be apart of. They’re a team that values each input and opinion a creative individual will bring to the project, keeping inline with the overall goal and vision. I truly look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.”