"Just wanted to reach out and say what an amazing job you guys are doing. My son is 16 months old and he loves watching the Gurus song lullaby every night and it’s the highlight of our day. Best part. Happy Vaisakhi🙏🏽.."

Sunil Singh - WWE Superstar - Insta: gurvsihra_wwe

"Firstly, I think it’s important I highlight that I am in no way being paid to write this review or share the experience of this book on my social media sites.⁣

I pre-ordered this book and when it arrived the other day I was so impressed with the quality. It’s a hardback book, the colours are extremely vibrant and eye catching - exactly what a child likes to see!⁣.."


"When @im1313.fam got in touch with me about this book I was soooo happy. My little one absolutely loves the The Guru Song so when I found out about the book I knew a little someone was going to be over the moon..."


"If you haven’t got this book I will definitely recommend you to get one for your kids. I was so excited for this book to arrive and it for sure has surpassed my expectations.

From content to illustrations, from quality to concept this book is pure class. The book is based on The Guru Song by @im1313.fam and is perfect to teach your kids the names of the gurus in the right sequence. Not only can they learn the names but they will also learn the most important teaching of life which is that Waheguru is omnipresent..."


"I wanted to start by saying how amazing it is what you have created and what you are doing. You have raised so much more awareness of Sikhi and have made it so much fun to teach to our children. I fell in love with the Guru Ji’s lullaby, my daughters absolutely love it..."


"We try to read with Aveer as much as we can. So, it was so refreshing to see that @im1313.fam have created an amazing book about the Sikh Guru’s called “The Gurus Song Adventure”. From the concept to the artwork and the quality, all is exceptionally done. It’s definitely Aveer’s favourite book and a great way to teach children about our Sikh Gurus! Look forward to more books in the future."


"Great timing on this post as I made a note last night to get in touch...

Book was hand delivered on Friday and every night since, my son has gone to bed saying “vaheguru” - no kidding! We read the book every bed-time and he loves the stories and is so engaged (bearing in mind this is the first time he has heard some of the Gurus names)..."

Jassi Sunner

"I read the book & it’s just wow

It honestly tops the currents kids books that out there...this is just pure quality 🤩

The story, illustrations, characters...you guys have smashed it..."


"Guru Fateh team! Just wanted to say that my daughter Tanveer is enjoying the book so much! She reads it everyday before bed now and loves the pictures of the animals esppeciallthe shark bowing to the Gurus. May you all stay in chardikala"


"Wow!!!! The book is amazing! Really is a book to keep treasured. 100% was worth the wait. Thank you! My baby boy loves it and is giggling along to the parts he recognises from the song!"


"We absolutely adore this book! My lil girl has been reading it every night since it arrived! It is not only teaching her the names of all the Guru ji's in order, she has loved searching for them on the hiding pages and magically is so aware that waheguru ji is everywhere and in the hearts of all!..."


"A beautifully illustrated book following the story of Simran Singh and his family adventure. Not only does this book help children learn the names of our 10 Gurus, but it also teaches a key message - medidate on the name VAHEGURU and you will see Guru Saheb everywhere! A must have book for all children. Thank you"


"Amazing book! I enjoyed it so much & the Illustrations are so beautiful! I love the soft touch look too. So glad I purchased it"


"Hello! I finally received my copy of your book- absolutely amazing! I read it to my son twice today before bedtime, the illustrations were amazing. The story was amazing. Thank you for such a brilliant book, I look forward to more hopefully"


"We received our book all the way to Australia and wow .. totally blown away. Thank you for putting it together."

Jaswinder Kundi

"The Guru’s Song Adventure

Mamma - where is Waheguru Ji? Can I see Waheguru Ji? Where do our Gurus live? Can I see them ?

These questions (by my now 5 years old kid)-sound familiar to you, don’t they ?And to be honest-though I tried my best- I could never answer them convincingly..."


"I just wanted to say how amazing the book is! Me and both my children aged 5 and 2 all adored it, not only is it teaching them about sikhi and our guru jis but it get them excited..."