About Us: Our Mission

To enrich people’s lives with Sikh history and philosophy through creative media.

Formed in 2016, we began on a mission to enrich people’s lives with Sikh history and philosophy through creative media that could capture the public’s imagination and appeal to a wide range of people, including non Sikhs.

For far too long we have relied on other industries, who do not necessarily conduct proper research, and at times represent Sikhs incorrectly. At the same time, our community lacks funding, resources, talent and effort in this area. The lack of conviction, passion and vision is evident in the content we are witnessing today. This is a contributory factor as to why Sikhs are still largely unknown or incorrectly perceived.

After years of seeing little improvement we decided to form a collective team of creative minds who are driven to leave a legacy and change the face of Sikh media. With this in mind, it is with the grace of God and Guru that IM 13 13 have been blessed with this service to humanity.

IM 13 13 will focus on producing commercial content in three key areas, ​Film, Animation and Music (FAM). ​This is to help educate the world through a series of high quality and groundbreaking initiatives. IM 13 13 aims to raise the bar of Sikh media and create media that can rival the mainstream industry standard and be accessible to the wider world.

As a truly global mission to share our history and philosophy with the world, we felt it was important to work collectively with all communities to achieve our goal, and have witnessed first hand the love and appreciation that these parties have gained by working on this project. Working alongside other communities has been a great reminder of how Sikhism embraces all, and how our beloved ​Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ​(Jagat Guru) is a guiding light for each and everyone of us, regardless of race, colour, gender or creed.     

In a world where media influences our thoughts and is incorporated into virtually every aspect of our lives, it is important to invest our time, skills and finances into mass media in order to achieve the wider goal of ​‘Sarbhat da Bhalla’​ (prosperity and peace for the entire planet).